Soca Hits 2019 -2018

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Soca Hits 2019 -2018


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Baguy - Dynamite Riddim Umpa
Bend for the Beng - Yellow Cone Riddim K.O,Pitchboy,Motto
Bestie Motto
Bird Box Skinny Fabulous,Travis World,Julius Czar
Boom Boom Marzville,DJ Spider
Boom Travis World,Sekon Sta,Trinidad Ghost
Bruk It Off DJ Spider,Fadda Fox
Bumper Talk Kisha
C.S.M. (Can't Style Me) Lil Rick
Call My Mother for Me (Roadmix) Edwin,Sir Lancealot
Cherry Cassava Shemmy J,Imran Nerdy
Dancè Machel Montano,Jacob
De Other Way Around Bobo,Krome,Titan VCD
Do Something Krazy Various Artists,Asa Banton
Dr. Mashup 2 Machel Montano
Dr. Mashup Machel Montano
Drinking All Day Hollywood HP
Dutty Bad Patrice Roberts
Fair sa Hypasounds
Famalay Skinny Fabulous,Machel Montano,Bunji Garlin
Fattt Nadia Batson
Freedom (feat. Lil Natty & Thunda) Muddy,Lil Natty,Thunda
Funky Business Fimba
Games Nailah Blackman
Gym Exercise Blackboy,Titan VCD
If Rum Done King Bubba Fm
Isaac Hunt Problem Child
Issa Snack - Remix Travis World,Nessa Preppy,Machel Montano,Hood Celebrityy
Issa Snack Travis World,Nessa Preppy
Issa Vibe Motto,Machel Montano
Jab Emancipation Lavaman
Like It Hot Patrice Roberts
Lost & Found Preedy
Love It Kes
Man with Ride (Big Ride) Motto,Blackboy,Ezra
Mas Forever Shal Marshall
Mash up the People Fete Destra Garcia
Mix Up Sly
More Rum Marzville,Fadda Fox
More Zesing Zesser Trinidad Ghost
My Faults Kerwin Du Bois,Travis World
No Distraction Kerwin Du Bois
No Habla Erphaan Alves
One Drop Umpa,Sully
One Time Lil Natty,Thunda
One Woman Motto
Pandemonium Voice,Wuss Ways,Travis World
Party Start Swappi,Ultimate Rejects
Permission Marzville,Nessa Preppy
Pick Your Position - ASAP Riddim Motto,Skinny Fabulous
Pon Dis Stik DJ Spider,Problem Child
Potential Voice,Styles & Complete
Practice GBM Nutron
Radar Kes
Red Gyal Christo
Release Me (I Ain't Drunk) Marzville
Right for Somebody Precision Productions,Kerwin Du Bois
Right Now - Jollof Rice Riddim Nessa Preppy,DJ Spider,Sir Fingaz
Road March Bacchanal 2 Iwer George
Rude Gal Shanta Prince
Run Wid It Mr. Killa
Savannah Grass Kes
Shaku Wine Demarco
She Always Bend Over DJ Spider,King Bubba Fm
Shut-Down Skinny Fabulous,Caspa G
Simon Say Asa Bantan,Motto
So Bad Ricky T
So Long Nadia Batson
So What Jus D
Soca Demon Kerwin Du Bois
Soca Land Jamesy P
Soca Nice V'ghn
Sometime Leadpipe,Jus Jay King
Speechless Lyrikal,Kerwin Du Bois,Teddyson John,Voice
Spring Garden Lil Rick
Sweeter Than Sweet Mole
That Wine Problem Child
The Road Machel Montano,Ashanti
Toco Loco Machel Montano
Touch Pon di Floor Blackboy
Trouble in the Morning V'ghn
What a Mess (Get di Party Wet) Motto
Wine Of Di Century Destra
Wine Pon U (Give It to Yuh) Joaquin
Wining Challenge Mr. Legz,Destra Garcia
Work Travis World,Salty
Workie Dloxx,Machel Montano,M1 aka Menace
Wuk DJ Spider,Sir Fingaz,Marzville
Zig Zag Lyrikal,Travis World